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Cross Of Jesus Chords

Keith Getty, Kristyn Getty | average from reviews

Original Key: C

Tempo: 0

Verse 1:
         C               Am
Cross of Jesus, cross of sorrow, 
          F               G
Where our sinfulness was laid.
        C               Am
Perfect love on you was broken, 
       F      G       C
As the way to God was paved.
         F                 Em
Cross of love, the scar of heaven, 
         Am   Dm               G
Cross of love    that heals my soul.
       C               Am
Let me not forget such mercy, 
       F        G       C
Let me give the life I owe.

Verse 2:
        C               Am
O what language shall I borrow,
     F                    G
As I praise You, faithful Friend?
        C               Am
How for us You bore our suffering,
        F           G      C
In Your love, which has no end.
           F             Em
Died, that I might be forgiven,
     Am   Dm          G
By a po   -   wer not my own.
         C           Am
With His glory set before me,
         F      G       C
Cross of Jesus, lead me home.