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Crown Of Beauty Chords

Chris Bowater

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Original Key: G

Tempo: 0

Verse: C G/B I could look at imperfection C G/B Feast my eyes on disappointment Am7 Em7 Fix my mind on constant failure Am7 D/F# And never see what You see C G/B Looking through the eyes of mercy C G/B Washed by grace that cleanses vision Am7 Em7 Being changed by the love of Jesus Am7 D/F# I choose to see what You see Chorus: G Cmaj7 D G A crown of beauty in the hand of the Lord Cmaj7 D G A royal diadem in the hand of my God Cmaj7 D G No longer forsaken, no longer called desolate Em7 Am Now called the Lord's delight, D7 Cmaj7 He rejoices over me Bridge: Am7 D7 I choose to see what You see, Am7 D Completing what's begun in me F D Renewing me, transforming me