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Dance Dance (Your Grace Is Overwhelming) Chords

Tim Hughes | average from reviews

Original Key: C

Tempo: 0

C/E    F
Dance, dance, 
Am             G
Everybody dance.   [Repeat x3]
      C/E    F
Gonna dance, dance, 
Am              G
Everybody dance now.

2. Gonna shout, shout . . .
3. Gonna jump, jump . . .

Verse 1:
F                G       C
  Your grace is overwhelming, 
F               G         C
  Your joy is in my heart, 
F                  G        C       Dm7
  Your goodness lasts for evermore 
And everybody sing: 

Verse 2: 
Your love is all consuming,
Your song is in my heart;
You've changed this life for evermore;
And everybody sing:

Last chorus:
       C/E  F
Gonna jump, jump, 
Am             G
Everybody jump.   [Repeat x3]
       C/E  F
Gonna jump, jump, 
Am            G  C   F   Am    G    C
Everybody jump now.