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Devoted Chords

Martyn Layzell | average from reviews

Original Key: E

Tempo: 0

Verse 1:
E                   E/D#
O Lord I am devoted to You
All that I am I give You
                A        Bsus4
Nothing do I withhold
I am nothing without You
All my hope is upon You
C#m7                    A
Simply telling You I am Yours
     F#m7    Bsus4
I am Yours

E                        E/G#
Jesus may my devotion be pleasing
Expressed through this song I am singing
                            Am7       F#m7  Bsus4
I'm pouring my heart out to You, only You
E                                 E/G#
You are the reason I'm living and breathing
My refuge, my strength and my healing
                        Am7       F#m7   Bsus4   E
So I give my heart unto You, only You

Verse 2:
Every earthly distraction
Fades away to the background
I'm content just to be with You
Jesus You satisfy my longing
To You do I cry, I'm coming
Kneeling before Your throne
At Your throne