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Draw Me Near Chords

Dave Doran | average from reviews

Original Key: E

Tempo: 0

Verse 1:
E                D2
Draw me near to You
E              D2
Can I come so close
  C#m7      Bsus       A2
That I can hear Your song of love
    C#m7      Bsus    A2
That heals my broken heart

                      E                    A2
And I will walk with You another footstep now
                E                      A2
Can we walk on again another footstep now
                         C#m7                           A2
I've walked in fields of pain, I've sheltered in Your love
                          C#m7                   A2
In the valley of death's shadow, I will fear no evil
                       C#m7    A2
For You are here with me
           D2             E
My comfort be, my comfort be

Verse 2:
Draw me near to You
Even closer still
So I can see Your scars of love
That saved my wounded soul