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Everything And Nothing Less Chords

Chris McClarney

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Original Key: A

Tempo: 70

Intro: F#m A2 E Bm7 [Repeat] Verse 1: F#m A2 E Bm7 Humbly I stand, an off'ring; F#m A2 E With open hands, Lord I bring ev'rything. Pre-Chorus: D F#m E Ev'rything and nothing less, my best, my all. D F#m E You deserve my ev'ry breath, my life, my song. Chorus: A F#m Eadd4 I surrender, I surrender all A F#m Eadd4 Oh, I surrender, I surrender all. [Repeat, not 1.] Verse 2: F#m A2 E Bm7 F#m A2 E Bm7 Lord take control, I trust You F#m A2 E I'm letting go, to give You Bridge: D E Ev'rything and nothing less, I give You. F#m A/C# Ev'rything and nothing less, forever. D E F#m Ev'rything and nothing less, oh, my life is Yours, A/C# 1. Completely Yours, oh! [Repeat] A/E 1. Completely Yours.
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