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Everything that I am Chords

Marc James

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Original Key: G

Tempo: 0

Verse 1:
G              D/G
    Everything that I am
G              D/G
    Everything in these hands
G                     D/G             C
    Everything that's good comes from You
G                      D/G
    You're the one who gave me life
G                       C
    You're the one that sacrificed
G                  D/G               G
    The Son of God died that I might live

           Cmaj9                     G/B
Wake up my soul and sing of what the Lord has done
       Cmaj9       D
And is doing in my life    [1. to chorus]

[Second time only]:
           Cmaj9                        G/B
And I will rise in the strength of Your glorious name
           Cmaj9         D
And in the power of Your Son    [to chorus]

        C             G/B              Dsus4   G  
You are good and Your love endures for ever
        C             G/B               Dsus4   G  D/G   G   D/G   
You are good and Your mercy lasts a lifetime  [1.  to verse 2]

Verse 2:
G                  D/F#
    You're the air that I breathe
Em                          Bm
    You're my strength when I am weak
C                        Em          C    D/C
    You're the source of everything I need
G                    Bm
    You're the light in my life
Em                  Bm
    You're the hope in these times
C                   Em              D
    You're the only one who sets me free    [to bridge]