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Finally Free Chords

Rend Collective

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Original Key: C

Tempo: 126

Verse 1: C Your mercy rains from heaven F C like confetti at a wedding, F C Gsus4 and I am celebrating in the downpour. C Your heart is wild with colour F C like a never-ending summer. F C You burn away the winter Gsus4 C of my cold and weary heart. Chorus: C C/E F Am G My soul cries out, 'holy, holy.' C C/E F Am G My heart is lost in Your beauty. Am F C G All hope is found in Your mercy. C C/E F You paid the price, Am Gsus4 C now I am finally free. [1.] C C F C C C G C [to V2] [2.] C Csus4 F C C Csus4 G G C Csus4 F C C Csus4 G C [to V3] [3.] C Csus4 F C C Csus4 G G C Csus4 F C C Csus4 G C Verse 2: C Your grace, O God's the anchor F C that's holding me forever. F C Gsus4 Come trouble or high water I am steadfast. C You lift me when I'm sinking F C like the swell of mighty oceans. F C The power of redemption: Gsus4 C it gives me wings to soar. Verse 3: C We'll cast our crowns before Him F C like the rusting leaves of autumn. F C Now every chain lies broken, G C Csus4 C Csus4 and finally we're free!