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Fire And The Fountain Chords

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Original Key: C

Tempo: 84

C   F   Am7   F

{Verse 1}
C                                       F
Come, Holy Ghost, friend of my soul and guest
Am7                                         F
Deep calls to deep, come find Your place of rest

{Verse 2}
C                                        F
Come, Holy Ghost, breath of the One who saves
Am7                                            F
Leading the lost, comfort these hearts You've made

            G                F 
Show us the way, show us the way

C   F

{Verse 3}
C                                      F
Come, Holy Ghost, light of the morning sun
Am7                                    F
Faith in our eyes, to see Your kingdom come

Repeat Chorus: [x2]

                 F                            G
The Fire and the Fountain, the Whisper and the wind
                  Am                         G   
The power of Your presence, I remember once again
                     F                             G
The reckless and the rev'rent are running to their knees
                      Am                           C   
1.   The Fire and the Fountain, is rising up, it's rising up [Repeat]
                      Am                     C  
2.3. The Fire and the Fountain, is rising up in me [Repeat]

F      G      Am   C
Whoah, whoah [Repeat]

Repeat Bridge:

Repeat Tag [x2]

F   G   Am   C   F
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