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Fix My Eyes Chords

Rebekah Cox, Sam Cox,Lou Fellingham,Nathan Fellingham | 5 average from 1 reviews

Original Key: G

Tempo: 96

Verse 1:
                 G                     A
In You there's freedom, in You there's life,
                G                      A
In You there's mercy, in You there's hope,
           G                  A
In You forgiveness for ev'ry sin.
               G  A  G/B         G      A
In You there's ev'rything I was looking for.

Verse 2:
                G                     A
Though I face  suff'ring, though I may fail,
              G                      A
This side of heaven, the hardship's real.
            G                    A
It's only short term, compared to this,
             G   A  G/B                A
The hope of hea  -  ven, and eternal bliss.

Chorus 1:
             D          A
Gonna fix my eyes on Jesus,
              Em7     G
Gonna set my hope in Him,
            D           A
Gonna lay aside my troubles,
As I look to Him. (Yeah, yeah.) [N.C.] (Oh.) [To v.3]
              D/F#   G                D/F#    G
As I look to Him.  (Yeah, yeah, yeah.)         [To ch.2]

Verse 3:
              G                      A
You're our inheritance, You'r our reward,
         G                   A
Eternal favour You have in store.
                 G                       A
There's no more sorrow, there's no more tears,
             G  A  G/B         G        A
Your love unmea - sured for  countless years.

Verse 4:
            G                  A
I hear the angels, I hear the choir,
               G                    A
The sound of laughter, Your people roar.
            G                     A
From ev'ry nation, they'll gather in,
                  G   A   G/B                 A
They're singing songs of praise to the risen King.[Chorus 1]

Chorus 2:
              D       A
Gonna fix my eyes on Jesus,
             Em7   G
I know He's coming back.
             D        A
I am living for the future,
                  D/F#    G    D/F#    G
So let the future begin.
Oh, wa, oh, (oh, wa, oh,)
Oh, wa, oh, (oh, wa, oh.)