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For This Purpose Chords

Graham Kendrick

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Original Key: D

Tempo: 0

Intro: D A Bm Fm G Asus4 A Verse 1: D A Bm F#m G A D For this purpose Christ was revealed, Bm Bm/A To destroy all the works Asus4/E A Of the evil one. D A Bm F#m G F# Christ in us has overcome, Bm Bm/A So with gladness we sing Asus4 A And welcome His kingdom in. Chorus: D G D (Men) Over sin He has conquered, G D G D (Women) Hallelujah, He has conquered. E A E (Men) Over death victorious, A E A E (Women) Hallelujah, victorious. F# Bm F#m (Men) Over sickness He has triumphed, Bm F# Bm F# (Women) Hallelujah, He has triumphed. G Asus4 A7 D G/D D Asus4 A (Together) Jesus reigns over all! Verse 2: In the name of Jesus we stand, By the power of His blood We now claim this ground. Satan has no authority here; Powers of darkness must flee, For Christ has the victory.


Bible References

  • - Romans 6:9
  • - Revelation 12:10
  • - Revelation 12:11
  • - 1 Peter 2:24
  • - 1 John 3:8

1985 Thankyou Music