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Forever Chords

Sheldon Bangera

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Original Key: D

Tempo: 0

Intro: D G Bm A [x2] D Verse 1: G D/F# Asus4 A All of heaven bursts with praise, D/F# Bm A/C# Here on earth we stand amazed, G A Bm A/C# D Every tribe and tongue in u - ni - son, Em Asus4 A Lift our voices to proclaim. [Repeat] Chorus: D D/F# Our God is good, G Our God is great, Bm He took our curse, Asus4 A Our sins forgave. D/F# He bled and died, G Then rose again; Bm A/C# Forevermore D He rules and reigns. Verse 2: G D/F# Asus4 A What the angels long to see D/F# Bm A/C# Now we sing as Your redeemed G A Bm A/C# D We had lost our way, you stepped in to save Em Asus4 A Now forevermore we'll sing [Repeat] Bridge: D/F# G Your kingdom God, shall never end Bm A forevermore You'll reign [Repeat]