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Forever Over Us Chords

Tre Sheppard / Tori Sheppard | average from reviews

Original Key: A

Tempo: 0

Verse 1:
  Higher than the stars could be,
Further than the endless seas,
Far beyond tomorrow,
Your love carries me.
  I was lost, my heart asleep,
You gave everything for me.
When I called, You answered;
Your love rescued me.
Bm                       Esus4
  You're everything I need.

A              F#m7
Jesus, forever over us
A/C#             D
You have written love.
A                 F#m7
Saviour, You have rescued us;
        A/C#         D      A   F#m7   A/C#   D  
Forever over us with love. [1.]   
Asus4  A  Asus2
[2. to ending]

Verse 2:
You're so much more than just belief -
King of all, but friend to me.
You have all of my heart,
You have captured me.
One day everyone will see,
Broken hearts will know Your peace;
There'll be no more sorrow -
We will all be free.

Mid section:
Bm                   Esus4
  One day we will see.
    B                   Esus4
And oh, we will be free!

Asus4   A
Over us, 
Over us,
A/C#             D      A
You have written love [Repeat]