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Fullness Of Grace Chords

Keith Getty / Kristyn Getty / Stuart Townend | average from reviews

Original Key: Bm

Tempo: 127

Verse 1:
Bm          A        Gmaj7       F#m7
Fullness of grace in man's human frailty, 
Em7         F#m7      Gmaj7  A
This is the wonder of Je  -  sus.
Bm      A        Gmaj7     F#m
Laying aside His power and glory, 
Em        F#m         Bm
Humbly He entered our world.
Em                  Bm
Chose the  path of  meanest worth: 
Em            Bm     F(no3rd)
Scandal of a virgin birth.
Bm        A       Gmaj7       F#m
Born in a stable, cold and rejected: 
Em7           F#m7        Bm
Here lies the hope of the world.

Verse 2: 
Fullness of grace, the love of the Father
Shown in the face of Jesus.
Stooping to bear the weight of humanity,
Walking the Calvary road.
Christ the holy Innocent
Took our sin and punishment.
Fullness of God, despised and rejected:
Crushed for the sins of the world.

Verse 3: 
Fullness of hope in Christ we had longed for,
Promise of God in Jesus.
Through His obedience we are forgiven,
Opening the floodgates of heaven.
All our hopes and dreams we bring
Gladly as an offering.
Fullness of life and joy unspeakable:
God's gift in love to the world.