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Desperation Band

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Original Key: C

Tempo: 107

{Intro} C/E F G Am G C/E F G Am G {Verse 1} C/E F G Am We've stepped from darkness to light G In Your grace we are alive C/E F G Am Your fire is burning inside G We've living in Your light, we're living in Your light C/E F G Am G Repeat VERSE 1 {Pre Chorus} C/E F So we're dancing with every reason to dance now G Am G We're singing with every reason to sing out C/E F Your love unfailing, never fails to free us Am G And now we've only just begun {Chorus} C F We're having fun, oh, oh G Am G We're having fun, oh, oh (repeat) {Verse 2} C/E F G Am Jesus, You pull back the night G You have, opened our eyes C/E F G Am We rise up, and face every lie G We're fearless in Your sight Repeat PRE-CHORUS, CHORUS and PRE-CHORUS Repeat CHORUS two times