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Give Thanks For A Broken Heart Chords

Martin Smith | 5 average from 1 reviews

Original Key: D

Tempo: 67

{Verse 1}
  You see the scars I try to hide

  Ev'ry wound a story I have cried

  You always love me; it never ends 

 'Cause You are not an ordinary friend
           G/D                   D   D/A
  What I thought would take me under 
      G/B             A
  Has led me back to You
         Bm          A          G     D/F#
  Ev'ry time that I feel I'm falling apart
          G/B           A      G   D/F#
  I give thanks for a broken heart

{Verse 2}
     A      D             A
You never weary of my complaints
  G                             D   A
Believing me when I am losing faith
               D                 A
And what is shattered, You will mend
        G              D/F#   Em7    D
'Cause You are not an ordina - ry friend
        G                D/F#   A   
Ev'ry battle leaves us fragile
     G                  A
And fear comes in the night
            Bm             A             G     D/F#
Though the weight of this suff'ring may never depart
         G            A      G   D/F#   Asus4   G   D/F#
I give thanks for a broken heart

{Verse 3}
      A           D
And You're the fortress where I'm safe

Covering the moments where I break
                            Bm   A
You never fight, You just defend
       G                  D/F#     Em7      D
You've been the most extr'ordina - ry friend
    G              D/F#     G              A
And I will live forever, to know You as my God
     Bm         A               G      D/F#
My reward is to know that we're never apart
       G            A      D          
I give thanks for a broken heart
       Bm        A            G          D/F#
So I'm singing a song for the One that I love
           E          Em
You're the joy of a broken heart

G   D/F#   G   D/F#
G   D/F#   G   D/F#
G   D/F#   G   D/F#
G   D/F#   G   D/F#   A

  G        D/F#      A
Thank You, thank You     
  G              D/F#
Thank You for it all [Repeat x4]

D    Em7   G
D    Em7   G
D    Em7   G
Bm   A     G

D                 Em7
  And I hear the sound of Your voice
  I feel Your breath in my lungs
D            Em7
  I feel the joy in my bones
  Forever I'll sing, forever I'll sing
D             Em7
  I feel the wonder of love
  I know the kindness of God
D                  Em7
  I join with the angels above
  And forever I'll sing, 
  Forever I'll sing for You
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  • - Psalms 23:6
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