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Glorious Chords

Paul Baloche

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Original Key: C

Tempo: 102

{Verse 1} C Em Look inside the myst'ry Am See the empty cross Gsus4 See the risen Savior F Victorious and strong C Em No one else above Him Am None as strong to save Gsus4 He alone has conquered F The power of the grave {Chorus} F Glori - ous G/F F G/F C My eyes have seen the glory of the Lord F Glori - ous G/F F G/F C He stands above the rulers of the earth {Verse 2} C Em Look beyond the tombstone Am See the living God Gsus4 See the resurrected F Ruler of my heart C Em No one else above Him Am None to match His worth Gsus4 The hope of His returning F Fills the universe [Repeat Chorus] {Bridge} G Am Glorious, glorious F G C Lord, You are glorious Cmaj7 Am F C Cmaj7 Am Oh F You are glorious
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