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God Made Low Chords

Sovereign Grace Music

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Original Key: D

Tempo: 120

{Intro} G Bm (repeat) {Verse 1} D G/D D A/D Prophets promised long ago a King would come to bring us hope D G/D D A/D D And now a virgin bears a son; the time to save the world has come {Verse 2} D G/D D A/D Humble shepherds run in haste to see the One the angels praised D G/D D A/D D In cattle stall they find a girl who holds the hope of all the world {Chorus} A Bm G Bm Emmanuel has come to us A Bm G A The Christ is born, Hallelujah! A Bm D/F# G Our God made low to raise us up Em Bm A D Emmanuel, has come to us {Verse 3} D G/D D A/D As He sleeps upon the hay He holds the moon and stars in place D G/D D A/D D Though born an infant He remains the sovereign God of endless days {Verse 4} D G/D D A/D For all our sins one day He'll die to make us sons of God on high D G/D D A/D D Let every heart prepare Him room, the promises have all come true