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God Of My Days Chords

Zach Neese

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Original Key: G

Tempo: 0

Intro: G2 Bm7 Em7 G/C Verse 1: G2 You awaken my heart Em7 From slumbering Dsus4 You meet me in mourning C2 And You speak to my grief G2 You're the light in my darkness Bm7 The delight of my eyes Em7 The hope of the daybreak C2 When the sun's slow to rise Pre-Chorus Am7 G/B I trust that ev'ry moment's C2 In Your hands Chorus: G You're the God of my days D King of my nights Am7 Lord of my laughter C Sov'reign in sorrow G You're the Prince of my praise D The love of my life Am7 C You never leave me, You are faithful [Repeat & to Coda] G2 Am7 God of my days [to bridge] Verse 2: G2 You unveil my eyes Em7 Help me to see Dsus4 The arms of my Father C2 Encircling me G2 You're a constant companion Bm7 I'm never alone Em7 Your love is the banner C2 That's leading me home Bridge: Am7 C My eyes are on You Em7 My hope is in You D/F# My faith is in You Coda: G2 Em7 D G/C God of my days G2 Em7 D G/C God of my days G2 God of my days