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God The Uncreated One (King Forevermore) Chords

Pete James, Aaron Keyes | 5 average from 1 reviews

Original Key: G

Tempo: 65

{Verse 1}
G             G/F#   Em7
God, the uncreated   One,
    C2          Dsus4     G    C2
the Author of salva -  -  tion,
G                G/F#   Em7
wrote the laws of space  and time,
    C2                 Dsus4   G   G/B
and fashioned worlds to His  design.
    C2             Dsus4
The One whom angel hosts revere
G        D/F#       Em7     Em9
hung the stars like chandelliers,
C2             Dsus4
numbered every grain of sand,
G         D/F#     Em7   Em9
knows the heart of every man.
C     Dsus4          G/B    Em7
He is King forever,  He is  King forever,
C     Dsus4       G   G/B    C   G/B    C  
He is King forevermore.

{Verse 2}
G                 G/F#    Em7
God, our fortress and our strength
    C2               Dsus4   G    C2
the Rock on which we can  depend;
G                G/F#   Em7
matchless in His majesty,
    C2          Dsus4    G    G/B
His power and authori  - ty,
  C2            Dsus4
unshaken by the schemes of man,
G     D/F#      Em7     Em9
never-changing, Great I am.
C2                Dsus4
Kingdoms rise and kingdoms fall,
G     D/F#     Em7        Em9
He is faithful through it all.
C         Dsus4          G/B       Em7
Crown Him King forever,  crown Him King forever,
C         Dsus4       G   G/B    C   G/B    C  
crown Him King forevermore.

{Verse 3}
G             G/F#    Em7
Mighty God in mortal flesh,
   C2         Dsus4     G   C2
forsaken by a traitor's kiss.
    G                G/F#   Em7
The curse of sin and centuries
     C2              Dsus4     G   G/B
did pierce the lowly Prince of Peace.
C2               Dsus4
Lifted high, the sinless man,
G    D/F#      Em7      Em9
crucified, the spotless Lamb,
C2            Dsus4
buried by the sons of man,
G       D/F#    Em7     Em9
rescued by the Father's hand,
   C        Dsus4          G/B      Em7
to reign as King forever,  reign as King forever,
C        Dsus4       G   G/B    C   G/B    C
reign as King forevermore.

{Verse 4}
G             G/F#    Em7
King eternal, God of grace,
   C2                 Dsus4   G     C2
we crown You with the highest praise.
G                 G/F#     Em7
Heaven shouts and saints adore,
       C2          Dsus4    G     G/B
You're holy, holy, holy     Lord!
     C2         Dsus4
What joy in everlasting life,
G      D/F#     Em7      Em9
all is love and faith in sight.
C2                Dsus4
Justice rolls and praises rise
G      D/F#    Em7   Em9
at the name of Jesus Christ.
C       Dsus4           G/B     Em7
King of kings forever,  King of kings forever,
C       Dsus4        G   G/B    C   G/B    C   G   
King of kings forevermore.