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God's Spirit Is In My Heart Chords

Kevin Mayhew

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Original Key: Gm

Tempo: 80

{Intro} Cm D7b9 {Verse 1} Gm God's Spirit is in my heart Cm Gm He has called me and set me apart D Gm This is what I have to do D7 Edim D/F# G What I have to do {Chorus} G D7 He sent me to give the Good News to the poor G D7 Tell prisoners that they are prisoners no more G C C/B Tell blind people that they can see A D And set the downtrodden free G C And go tell ev'ryone D G The news that the Kingdom of God has come G C And go tell ev'ryone D7 G D7 G The news that God's Kingdom has come [Repeat Intro] {Verse 2} Gm Just as the Father sent me Cm Gm So I'm sending you out to be D Gm My witness throughout the world D7 Edim D/F# G The whole of the world [Repeat Chorus] [Repeat Intro] {Verse 3} Gm Don't carry a load in your pack Cm Gm You don't need two shirts on your back D Gm A workman can earn his own keep D7 Edim D/F# G Can earn his own keep [Repeat Chorus] [Repeat Intro] {Verse 4} Gm By dying I'm going away Cm Gm But I'll be with you ev'ry day D Gm As the Spirit of love in your heart D7 Edim D/F# G The love in your heart [Repeat Chorus] [Repeat Intro] {Verse 5} Gm Myself you will no longer see Cm Gm But if you love as God has loved me D Gm Then people will see me in you D7 Edim D/F# G Will see me in you [Repeat Chorus] [Repeat Intro] {Verse 6} Gm Don't worry what you have to say Cm Gm Don't worry because on that day D Gm God's Spirit will speak in your heart D7 Edim D/F# G Will speak in your heart [Repeat Chorus]