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Grace That Won't Let Go Chords

Thomas Miller, Mark Harris | average from reviews

Original Key: C

Tempo: 0

[4 bars]

Verse 1:
C                         F/C        C
Sometimes I'm strong, sometimes I'm weak,
    F/C      C          Am   G
Sometimes I fall in my wandering.
      C                     F/C        C
But through it all, there's just one thing
     F/C        C      Am      G
More precious than the air I breathe.

    C               F
    Grace amazing, Grace unfailing,
    Am7                  G
    Grace that saves my soul.
    C                F
    Grace unending, Grace unrelenting,
    Am7                  G
    Grace that won't let go.

Verse 2:
    C                 F/C       C
You took our sin, You took our stain,
    F/C       C               Am7     G
You took our guilt, now there is no shame.
      C           F/C      C
This our reward, eternal crown,
    F/C      C          Am
The endless song, 'how sweet the sound.'

C/E                     F
Grace, greater than our past,
                C/E                     Gsus4   G
Deeper than our pain, stronger than our sin.
     C/E                   F
Your love, forever it will last,
                       C/E                   Gsus4    G               C
Your blood will always save, grace will always win. [1. Chorus x 2][to end]