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He Is Faithful Chords

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Original Key: G

Tempo: 0

{Verse 1}
G                      Csus2
   I have heard a sound     coming on the wind
G                           Csus2
   Changing hearts and minds      healing brokenness
Em7                    C2
   I feel a generation    breaking through despair
Em7                    C2
   I hear a generation     full of faith declare

G           Em           C2
    And our song it will be
G              Em7              C2   Cmaj7
    Out of the darkness we will rise and sing

G               C
He is faithful, He is glorious
    Em               C
And He is Jesus, and all my hope is in Him
G              Em
He is freedom, He is healing right now
C                                           G
He is hope and joy, love and peace and life

{Verse 2}
G                     Csus2
   I have seen a light      like the break of dawn
G                        Csus2
   Giving blind men sight     and letting lame men walk
Em7                    C2
   I see a generation     with resurrection life
Em7                    C2
   We are a generation    filled with the pow'r of Christ

[Repeat Chorus]

G   Csus2   G   Csus2

Em        C                  G    D/F#
   He has paid the highest price
Em        C                 G       D/F#
   He has pro­ven His great love for us
Em         C                    G    D/F#
   We will praise Him with our lives
Em        C                  G    D/F#
   And proclaim our love for Him [Repeat]
Em        C                  G    
   And proclaim our love for Him 



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2011 Capitol CMG Genesis / Jesus Culture Music