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Heaven's All Around Chords

Here Be Lions | average from reviews

Original Key: D

Tempo: 75

Bm   D/F#   G   D
Bm   D/F#   G   D

{Verse 1}
    Bm      D/F#   G        D
You open my eyes   to the unseen
Bm         D/F#   G        D
Once I was blind  now, I believe
    Bm            D/F#       G        D
You tore down the walls that kept us apart
     Bm              D/F#     G        D
What seemed like the end was only the start

Bm                  D/F#   
Heaven's all around,    Heaven's all around
G        D
Jesus is near
Bm               D/F#   
I can see it now,    I can see it now
     G          D
Your kingdom is here [Repeat]

Bm   D/F#   G   D
Bm   D/F#   G   D

{Verse 2}
    Bm             D/F#          G             D
For all that we've seen, there's still more to come
    Bm             D/F#   G             D
And we know You'll finish what You've begun
    Bm      D/F#     G           D
Battles may rage but we will not fear
       Bm          D/F#       G              D
íCause we know our vict'ry is standing right here

Repeat Chorus: [x2]

Repeat Link:

                      Bm      D/F#   
Come and move how You want to
                  G         D
Come and make the old brand new
                      Bm      D/F#   
Come and move how You want to
              G      D
Do what only You can do [Repeat x4]

Repeat Chorus: [x2]

Repeat Bridge: [x2]
Heaven's All Around - Youtube Lyric Video

Youtube Lyric Video


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