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Original Key: D

Tempo: 144

Verse 1: D Who gives orders to the morning, G/D D Tells the sun where to rise; G Bm Who speaks life into existence, G A Tells the dark where to reside? D Who chose to love the unloving. G/D D Told the crippled to rise up; G Bm Who chose to die for my redemption. G A Came to mend the broken hearts? Pre-Chorus G D A A/C# There is no one like our God, none like You. Chorus: D/F# G Asus4 A You're higher, higher, higher than the heavens, D/F# G Asus4 A And Your love, Your love deeper than the oceans D/F# G Bm A And Your word, Your word, true until the end, D/F# G Asus4 A D So I'm holding on to You, the Author of Life. Bridge: G D/F# Jesus it's You, Name above all names, G A Worthy of all praise, beyond all I know. G D/F# I'll never be able to fathom Your ways, G A And though I can't see You, my heart knows You well. Jesus, You're higher...
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