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Holy Holy (Lift Up His Name) Chords

Lou Fellingham | 5 average from 1 reviews

Original Key: E

Tempo: 0

E2            B/D#      E2 
Ho  -  ly,    ho   -    ly,
A2          E/G#        B     B/D#      
Holy is the Lord  God Almighty.   (repeat)

    A2/C#      B2/D# 
Who was    and is
    A2/C#          B2/D# 
And is          to come,
    A2/C#      B2/D# 
Who was    and is
    A2      B
And is to   come.

              E            A         Bsus4 
Lift up His name with the sound of singing
              E     A        B 
Lift up His name in all the earth.
B/A           E/G#       A           B 
Lift up your voice   and give Him glory,
    A     F#m7         Bsus4     B              E2
For He is worthy to be praised      [last time:]