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Holy Spirit Chords


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Original Key: C

Tempo: 0

{Verse} Am F We don’t have to ask You to come C G ‘Cause You’re already here Am F Your presence is holding us now C G You are drawing so near {Verse} Dm F Unmistakeable, irresistible, C G Our hearts are longing for You Dm F Lovesick through and through, nothing else will do C G We worship You {Chorus} Am F C --- G Holy Spirit {Verse} Am F Everything changes when You come around C G Nothing else can compare Am F Your move has already begun C G We’re becoming aware {Verse} Dm F You’re all powerful, yet so vulnerable C G We will not grieve or quench You Dm F With hearts unafraid, we will sing Your praise C G We worship You {Bridge} F G Not the rest of me, but the best of me Am G Holy Fire, consume all that I am F G No, not just a part, God take all my heart, Am G Here I am, a living sacrifice {Chorus} C F C --- G Holy Spirit Am F C --- G Holy Spirit