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Horizon Chords

ICF Worship

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Original Key: Am

Tempo: 0

Intro {Am F/A | G Em | Am F/A | G} {Chorus} Am F G I wanna go further, beyond what I can see Em Am F G Over the horizon, is where You’re taking me Em Am Dm G I wanna live louder and shout across the land: Em Am F G Jesus forever, forever {Verse 1} Am There’s a new day coming G F You are on my side, where You go I go Am Give me wings of courage G F Guide me with Your light, where You go I go Where You go I go {Pre Chorus} Dm To dream out loud, to love without fear G F G Em Walk on the edge knowing You are here {Verse} Am I step into the unknown G F On uncharted ground, I will trust in You Am You are full of promise G F And Your word is true, I will trust in You, I will trust in You {Coda 1} F G You dare me to believe what I can’t see; F G You ask me to be bold and face my fears Am F/A G And You push back my horizons Em Am F/A G I’m chasing You forever, forever {Coda 2} Em G Jesus forever Am F Jesus forever G Am Jesus forever