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Humble King Chords

Vineyard Worship

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Original Key: G

Tempo: 0

{Verse} D Em D/F# Oh kneel me down again G A D Here at your feet Em D/F# G A D Show me how much You love humility Em D/F# Oh Spirit be the star G A Bm7 A G That leads me to D/F# Em A7sus A7 D The humble heart of love I see in You {Chorus} G D/F# You are the God of the broken Em A Friend of the weak G D/F# You wash the feet of the weary Em A Embrace the ones in need G D/F# I want to be like You Jesus Em A To have this heart in me Em D/F# You are the God of the humble G A D You are the humble King {Verse} Here in the dusty ground I bow with kings Where wise men laid before, their offerings I lay no golden crown Here at your feet Just this, my broken life, I offer thee