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I Am Not The Same Chords

Aaron Keyes

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Original Key: C

Tempo: 0

Verse 1: C Em You restore the wasted years, Am F You build the broken walls C Em Your love replaces fear, Am F Your mercy makes us whole. Bridge: Dm C/E F Adopted healed and lifted. Chorus: F C G Dm I am not the same, I'm a new creation, F C G I am not the same anymore. F C G Dm I am not ashamed, I will not be shaken F C G C Em C Em C I am not the same anymore, anymore Verse 2: C Em I bow before Your cross, Am F A broken life made new; C Em Amazed at all You are, Am F And who I am in You. Bridge: Dm C/E F Adopted healed and lifted. Dm C/E F Forgiven, found, and rescued. Mid section: F C G Am You have overcome, it is finished, it is done, F C G Now my heart is finally free. F C G Am Every chain undone, by the power of the Son; F C G Risen Saviour, reigning King.


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