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I Am The Church Chords

Donald Stuart Marsh

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Original Key: G

Tempo: 110

{Chorus} I am the church, you are the church We are the church together All who follow Jesus, all around the world Yes, we're the church together {Verse 1} G The church is not a building C The church is not a steeple D G The church is not a resting place Am D The church is a people {Verse 2} G We're many kinds of people C With many kinds of faces D G All colors and all ages too Am D From all times and places {Verse 3} G Sometimes the church is marching C Sometimes it's bravely burning D G Sometimes it's riding, sometimes hiding Am D Always it's learning {Verse 4} G And when the people gather C There's singing and there's praying D G There's laughing and there's crying Am D Sometimes, all of it saying {Verse 5} G At Pentecost C Some people received the Holy Spirit D G And told the Good News through the world Am D To all who would hear it {Verse 6} G C I count if I am ninety or nine Or just a baby D G There's one thing I am sure about Am D And I don't mean maybe