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I Believe There Is A God In Heaven Chords

Dave Bilbrough | average from reviews

Original Key: A

Tempo: 0

F#m                  G
I believe there is a God in heaven 
    D                         F#m
Who paid the price for all my sin;
Shed His blood to open up the way 
    D               F#m
For me to walk with Him.

A                    E
Gave His life upon a cross, 
D                      F#m
Took the punishment for us, 
A                     E
Offered up Himself in love, 
D      E
Jesus, Jesus.
A                        E
"It is finished" was His cry;
    D                     F#m
Not even death could now deny 
    A                  E
The Son of God exalted high, 
D      E      C#7sus4      C#7
Jesus, Jesus, Je     -     sus.