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I Know Who Holds The Future Chords

Eugene Clark

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Original Key: G

Tempo: 96

{Intro} G/D D#dim7 Em A7/C# G/D Dsus4 D G {Verse 1} G G#dim7 Am7 I do not know what lies ahead D G The way I cannot see G#dim7 Am7 Yet One stands near to be my guide D7 G He'll show the way to me {Chorus} G D7 G I know who holds the future G/B F#/A# D7/A D7 And He'll guide me with His hand D9 Bm/D D7 With God things don't just hap - pen D7 G Ev'rything by Him is planned G D7 G So as I face tomorrow G7 G7/B C With it's problems large and small Eb G/D E7 I'll trust the God of miracles A D7 G Give to Him my all [Repeat Intro] {Verse 2} G G#dim7 Am7 I do not know how many days D G Of life are mine to spend G#dim7 Am7 But One who knows and cares for me D7 G Will keep me to the end [Repeat Chorus] [Repeat Intro] {Verse 3} G G#dim7 Am7 I do not know the course ahead D G What joys and griefs are there G#dim7 Am7 But One is near who fully knows D7 G I'll trust His loving care [Repeat Chorus] [Repeat Intro]