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I This World (God In Heaven) Chords

Stuart Garrard, Martin Smith | average from reviews

Original Key: C

Tempo: 0

Cadd2    Em    Cadd2    Em

Verse 1:
Cmaj7/G       D6add4            E
    In this world I don't belong,

But I'm living it.
Cmaj7/G              D6add4              E
    I've found the words to heaven's song,

Now I'm singing it,
Cmaj7/G         D6add4               E
    Songs of freedom, words of love,

Reveal the saving grace of God,
Cmaj7/G            D6add4             Asus4
    The sound of heaven on this earth,
We'll sing.

   C     D    Em        C D  Em
To God in heaven, be the glory.
   C     D    Em        C D  Em
To God in heaven, be the glory.
        A(no3rd)          A(no3rd)/B
Great things my Saviour, He has done,
        A(no3rd)/C      B/D#       Cadd2    Em
And greater things are yet to come.
   Cadd2    Em

Verse 2:
We've got this treasure in our hands,
And we're bringing it.
A hidden church bell in this land,
Now we're ringing it.
Our heroes lived and died to see,
These words of glory set us free,
To live for heaven on this earth,
We'll sing.