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I Will Call Chords

All About Worship (feat. Corey Voss & Lydia Ingegneri)

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Original Key: G

Tempo: 0

Intro: G Gsus2 Cmaj7 Verse 1: G When I walk deep into the valley low Cmaj7 Your faithful hand will guide and lead me on Bm7 Oh Good Shepherd, come restore my soul Cmaj7 And bring me comfort, bring me comfort Verse 2: G When my world around me crumbles and falls Cmaj7 I'm not shaken because You hold it all Bm7 Let the glory of Your power here be shown Cmaj7 D In my weakness, in my weakness Chorus: G C I will call and You rescue me, my Lord Em7 D Let no fire, let no storm take my trust in You G C I will rest here in Your unchanging love Em7 There will always be enough D G At Your table You fill my cup Verse 3: G Ev'ry fear is losing ground in my heart Cmaj7 As Your light has come to chase out the dark D6 For I know my place and where I belong Cmaj7 In Your presence, in Your presence D In Your presence Bridge: C D My Strength, my Portion Em7 Bm7 This heart is overflowing C D My God and my Saviour Em7 Bm7 Your love is overwhelming C D Yeah Coda: C Em7 D At Your table You fill my cup C Em7 D You fill my cup C Em7 D You fill my cup G You fill my cup


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