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I Worship And Adore You Chords

Noel Robinson

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Original Key: D

Tempo: 0

Chorus: D I worship and adore You, G2 I worship and adore You: Bm7 D/F# G2 Messiah, King of glory, Je - sus. [Repeat] Last time: Bm7 D/F# G2 A G Messiah, King of glory, Je - sus. Je-sus Verse: G A D In this place, we lift You high, D/F# G G/B A We call Your name: be glorified. D/F# G D/F# A In this moment, my life I pour; Bm7 G G/B Asus4 A Total surrender, I am Yours. [Repeat] Bridge: [1st time instrumental] Em7 Bm7 I give my all, without restraint, Em7 D/F# G I abandon all in this place. Em7 Bm7 A sacrifice I give to You; Em7 G This oil I pour out before Your face. [Repeat]