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If We Are The Body Chords

Casting Crowns

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Original Key: A

Tempo: 132

{Intro 8 bars} F#m {Verse 1} F#m7 D2 It's crowded in worship today Bsus7 B As she slips in D2 Esus7 E7 Trying to fade into the faces F#m7 D2 The girl's teasing laughter is carrying Bsus7 B7 Farther than they know D2 Esus4 E Farther than they know {Chorus} A (But) if we are the body Esus4 E Why aren't His arms reaching F#m7 Why aren't His hands healing D D2 Why aren't His words teaching A And if we are the body Esus4 E Why aren't His feet going F#m7 E Why is His love not showing them D2 There is a way There is a way [Repeat Intro] {Verse 2} F#m7 D2 A trav'ler is far away from home Bsus7 B He sheds his coat and quietly D2 Esus7 E7 Sinks into the back row F#m7 D2 The weight of their judgmental glances Csus7 Tells him that his chances B7 D2 Esus4 E Are better out on the road [Repeat Chorus] {Bridge} E F#m E D Jesus paid much too high a price E For us to pick and choose who should come F#m E D And we are the bo - dy of Christ [Repeat Chorus 2x] {Tag} F#m G#m A Jesus is the way F#m G#m A F#m G#m A F#m