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In The Bleak Midwinter Chords

Christina Georgina Rossetti, Gustav Theodore Holst

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Original Key: D

Tempo: 0

Verse 1: D Bm In the bleak mid – win - ter Em/G Bm7/F# Em A Frost - y wind made moan; D Bm Earth stood hard as iron, Em/G A D Water like a stone, G/B D7/A G Bm Snow had fal – len, snow on snow, D/F# G A snow on snow, D Bm In the bleak mid – winter, Em/G A7 D Lo – ng a - go Verse 2: D Bm Our God heaven cannot hold Him, Em/G Bm7/F# Em A Nor earth sus - tain, D Bm Heaven and earth shall flee away Em/G A D When He comes to reign. G/B D7/A G Bm In the bleak mid – win - ter D/F# G A A sta - ble-place suff - iced D Bm The Lord God Al - mighty, Em/G A7 D Je - sus Christ. Verse 3: D Bm Angels and arch - angels Em/G Bm7/F# Em A May have gath - ered there, D Bm Cherubim and seraphim Em/G A D Thron - ged the air. G/B D7/A G Bm But His mot - her on - ly, D/F# G A In her mai - den bliss, D Bm Worshipped the Be - loved Em/G A7 D Wi - th a kiss. Verse 4: D Bm What can I give Him, Em/G Bm7/F# Em A Poor as I am? D Bm If I were a shepherd, Em/G A D I would bring a lamb. G/B D7/A G Bm If I were a wise man, D/F# G A I would do my part; D Bm Yet what I can I give Him - Em/G A7 D Gi - ve my heart.