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It Is The Church Chords

Lex Loizides

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Original Key: D

Tempo: 0

Verse: D A I have seen a mystery, Bm G A The hopes of prayer and prophecy, D A/C# Bm G A And rising from all peoples see, she comes. D A Rescued, ransomed, lifted up, Bm G A Crowned with mercy, clothed in hope, D A/C# Bm A The object of all heaven's love, she comes. Chorus: D It is the church, A Bm The hope of all the world, A Bm And here I fix my heart and hand, G Asus4 A I cannot turn away! D It is the church! A Bm The passion of God's Son, A Bm The goal of history, come. G Asus4 A You'll see we've nearly reached the day. Em7 G A And she will be all glorious; Em7 G A D Fitting for Him whose bride she is. G A G A In that day, in that day, G A G/B A/C# In that day, in that day. It is the church...