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It's Rising Up Chords

Matt Redman

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Original Key: E

Tempo: 0

Verse 1: E It's rising up from coast to coast, C#m7 B From north to south, and east to west; E The cry of hearts that love your name, C#m7 B E Which with one voice we will proclaim. Verse 2: E The former things have taken place, C#m7 B Can this be the new day of praise? E A heavenly song that comes to birth, C#m7 B And reaches out to all the earth. Pre-Chorus: F#m7 E/G# Oh, let the cry to nations ring, A B that all may come and all may sing: Chorus: E A E 'Holy is the Lord.' (Every heart sing:) C#m7 A B 'Holy is the Lord.' (With one voioce sing:) [Repeat] [2] Verse 3: E And we have heard the Lion's roar, C#m7 B That speaks of heaven's love and power. E Is this the time, is this the call C#m7 B That ushers in Your kingdom rule? Final Chorus: E A E 'Jesus is alive!' (Every heart sing:) C#m7 A B 'Jesus is alive!' (With one voice sing:) E A E 'Jesus is alive!' (All the earth sing:) C#m7 A B E 'Jesus is alive!'