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Jesus Friend Of Sinners Chords

Paul Oakley | average from reviews

Original Key: A

Tempo: 0

Verse 1:
A                      Asus4
There is a voice that must be heard,
A                      Asus4
There is a song that must be sung;
F#m                     D              E
There is a name that must be lifted high.
A                    Asus4
There is a treasure more than gold,
A                 Asus4
There is a King upon the throne;
F#m                     D                  E
There is One whose praise will fill the skies.

            A    D            A      D
His name is Jesus, Friend of sinners.
       A   D            F#m    E    D
Jesus  Jesus, Friend of mine.

Verse 2:
There is a peace that calms our fears,
There is a love stronger than death;
There is a hope that goes beyond the grave.
There is a Friend who won't let go,
There is a heart that beats for you;
There is one name by which we are saved.

Bm             E              Bm
  When I was captive to my fears,
              E               Bm
You were the One who came to me,
E                      F#m    E    D
    You set me free.   [x 3]