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Original Key: G

Tempo: 158

Verse: G C G/B On the cross, blood and water flowed; C Em G The Son of Man was lifted high, C G/B His body broken, broken for the world, Cmaj7 1. And this is love. C D 2. And this is love, this is love. Chorus: G D Jesus, Jesus, healer; C D Be lifted up, be lifted up. G D Your Kingdom come, Your will be done forever, C Em D G D C Em D 1. Be lifted up today. On the... C Em D G 2. Be lifted up today. [To Bridge] C Em D 3. Be lifted up today. [Chorus repeat] C Em D C 4. Be lifted up today. Bridge: G D By Your stripes and wounds we are made whole, G By Your death we live. D The cross defeated all our sickness and pain, C We're ransomed by the King.
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Bible References

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  • - Isaiah 53:5
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