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Jesus You Are Worthy Chords

Brenton Brown, Don Williams | average from reviews

Original Key: C

Tempo: 0

Jesus You are mercy, 
Jesus You are justice, 
Jesus You are worthy, 
G               C
That is what You are.

You died alone to save me, 
You rose so You could raise me;
You did all this to make me 
  G          C
A chosen child of God.

              F         G            C
Worthy is the Lamb that once was slain 
               F      G                C
To receive all glory, power and praise, 
                        F         G         Am7
For with Your blood You purchased us for God: 
             F         G               C     Am7
Jesus, You are worthy, that is what You  are.
             F         G               C
[Jesus You are worthy, that is what You are.]

             Dm7                          Am7
Perfect sacrifice, crushed by God for for us, 
                F                  G
Bearing in Your hurt all that I deserve.
                    Dm7                       Am7
Misjudged for my misdeeds, You suffered silently, 
                   F                    G
The only guiltless man in all of history.

How worthy is the . . .