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Join With The Angels Chords

Lex Buckley, Tim Hughes | average from reviews

Original Key: E

Tempo: 0

Verse 1:
B                   E                 A                 B
  We look to Your Word and see Your awesome faithfulness.
                  E                     A
We look to the earth and glimpse Your beauty.
B                    E                A              B
  We look to the stars and see Your majesty displayed.
                E               A
The heavens above declare Your glory.

   E              B             C#m          A
We join with the angels singing holy, holy, holy.
   E             B              C#m             A
We stand with creation crying worthy is the Lord.
          B    C#m      A
And every knee shall bow 
          B      C#m    A
And every tongue confess 
That You are God.

Verse 2: 
We look to Your Son and find a love that never fails,
We look to the cross and see Your mercy,
We look to the grave empty because You rose again,
Glorious one You reign in power.

B   E   B    E
Holy,   holy, 
B   E           A
Holy is the Lord.
             B      E  B     C#m
You reign in glory,    glory, 
             B    E           A
You reign in glory forevermore.
We  join with . . .