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Jordan's Waters Chords


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Original Key: D

Tempo: 0

D C You laid aside Your glory on the banks of the Jordan G C D And all for me You went down to the depths D C You traded Heaven's borders for the chill of murky waters G C D And took the place of one condemned to death {Chorus} Am C D That day John preached for man to draw near Am C D but God it's You that came down here Am C D making shorter Man's road to You Am C D In Jordan's waters I'm being made new {Verse 2} D C As You plunged into the deep in search of muddy pearls G C D Son of Man, You left behind Your robe D C There You found me in the dark and as You rose out of the mire G C D This prodigal came up dressed in gold {Verse 3} D C When You rose out of that pale grave into a hot Judean sun G C D With a violence the heavens did divide D C Father You came running, and You wrapped me in Your voice, G C D shouting "this son of mine was dead but now's alive!"