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Kingdom Come Chords

Darlene Zschech

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Original Key: A

Tempo: 0

Intro: A E A E A E F E F A/C# D Verse 1: A E A E A Hope has come and Love has won, God is here in mercy E F#m E F#m A/C# D Songs resound and justice flows, healing rivers from Your throne Verse 2: A E A E A Your heart of love has broken through, the cross of Christ our freedom E F#m E F#m A/C# D Your presence like the oceans rise, we pray and praise and lift You high E F#m A/C# D We pray and praise and lift You high Chorus: E F#m A D E Your Kingdom come, Your will be done on earth as in heaven F#m A D E Your Kingdom reign from age to age, both now and forever Verse 3: A E A E A A E A E A Spirit of the Living God, moving like a rushing wind E F#m E F#m A/C# D Here on earth our hearts alive, we're set apart with holy fire E F#m A/C# D God, fill us now with holy fire Interlude: E D A D F#m A/C# D A/C# D A/C# D You are here, You are near, You are coming, You are coming. (You are coming) [Repeat] Bridge: D A A/C# D Let the heavens shout the wonder of Your coming Bm A E All creation groans in longing for the King D A A/C# D And let the thirsty come and drink from Living Water Bm A E As Your Kingdom comes arrayed in majesty [Repeat 4 times] Tag: D A A/C# D Bm A E Oh, oh, oh [Repeat 4 times]


Bible References

  • - Matthew 6:10
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