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Led To The Lost Chords

David Gate

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Original Key: C

Tempo: 0

Verse 1: Am I know You love an offering C F That's costly, outreaching Am G Touching Your heart for the poor Am The songs we sing as our offering C F Are more fragrant in Your presence Am G If we live a life of love Chorus: C And as we follow Your heart G/B We are led to the lost Am Am/G D7/F# G Finding there a place of praise no matter what the cost C So we will stand with the weak G/B Give our most to the least Am Am/G D7/F# G Serving You with all we have, Your kingdom God we seek E7/G# Am We are led to the lost Verse 2: Now I see what You command To be faithful and humble Putting selfish hopes aside So change my heart that I may love My neighbour as my brother And to live a life of love