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Let Justice Roll Chords

Dustin Smith / Michael Farren / James Galbraith

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Original Key: D

Tempo: 108

INTRO D G Em (repeat) VERSE 1 Bm D G We hear Your voice so clearly, we hear You calling out Bm D G For us to reach this city, to tear these walls down Bm D G We see the desperate people, we hear them crying out Bm D G A The weary and the hurting, the weak and broken down G Oh hear us now CHORUS D Let Your justice roll like rivers deep G Let your mercy flow like healing streams Bm D Let Your righteousness pour from Your throne G Let justice roll, let justice roll D G Em VERSE 2 Bm D G It brings live everlasting, gives beauty for our scars Bm D G Replaces fear with courage, chases away the dark Bm D G Transforming what was hopeless into victory Bm D G A It makes the lame start dancing it sets the prisoners free G Oh hear them sing Repeat CHORUS two times INSTRUMENTAL D G Em Bm D G Bm D G BRIDGE Bm D Let justice roll, let it roll through me G Let mercy flow, let it flow through me Bm D Let righteousness, let it pour through me G Let justice roll, let justice roll (repeat two times) Repeat CHORUS two times ENDING D G Em (Repeat as desired) D