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Light Up The World Chords


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Original Key: D

Tempo: 0

VERSE 1 D A Savior, Your passion beckons me G Bm A So fill this heart, set these dry bones free VERSE 2 D A Father, You're welcomed here G Bm A Come flood this place, make this holy ground PRE-CHORUS A G D Light up the world, clear the darkness out A G D Spirit of God, we welcome You now CHORUS D A Come Holy Spirit, would You come Holy Spirit Bm G D Would You rain down, rain down on me (repeat) INSTRUMENTAL 1 A G Bm A Repeat VERSE 2 Repeat PRE-CHORUS two times and CHORUS two times INSTRUMENTAL 2 D A Bm G D Bm G D A BRIDGE Bm G Spirit fall down, rain Your glory D F#m Come have Your way, come have Your way Bm G Father hear us, crying for You to D A Come have Your way, come have Your way Repeat BRIDGE two times G Repeat BRIDGE