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Lord Most High Chords

Don Harris / Gary Sadler

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Original Key: E

Tempo: 120

Verse: E Esus E From the ends of the earth (From the ends of the earth) B2sus B From the depths of the sea (From the depths of the sea) C#m From the heights of the heavens (From the heights of the heavens) A E/A A Your name be praised E Esus From the hearts of the weak (From the hearts of the weak) B2sus B From the shouts of the strong (From the shouts of the strong) C#m From the lips of all people (From the lips of all people) A E/A A B This song we raise Lord Chorus: E E/G# A E/B B7sus Throughout the endless ag - es E E/G# A E/B B7sus You will be crowned with prais - es C#m A Bsus B Lord Most High E E/G# A E/B B7sus Exalted in every na - tion E E/G# A E/B B7sus Sovereign of all cre - a - tion C#m A Bsus B E/G# A E/A A (to verse) Lord Most High be magnified A E/A A Bsus B E